1936, Attilia and Albino give a home to their own family; we are in the pre-bellic period, a true family should be large, the four sons and the four daughters are an inestimable wealth. The house, built in the fields near the tram terminus, in a few years becomes part of a new district, where lots of families hope to give their children a bright future. The Second World War, with the bombardment of 1940, together with the difficult post-bellic period, reduces the family, that in the first 50s has in Attilia a true Matriarch. The surviving children, Albino, Angelo, Fausta and Marcella, are now the strenght and the joy that will let the home live in the following decades. “Paravia 95” will become the cradle of the second generation that will grow inside the house: here Orlando, Arnaldo and Roberto learn what Family means. It wasn’t difficult thanks to their teachers, parents, uncles and aunts, who have never thought about nothing but the happiness of their family. “Ci vediamo in Paravia” (see you in Paravia) has become the motto that gather all the family to celebrate Christmas, Birthdays or anytings else. That’s what permitted the third generation to feel “Paravia 95” like the true family house, even thanks to the teachings received from who, in the far 1936, started loving “Paravia 95”.
“Uncle Angelo, uncle for all, never married, decided to spend all his life chin to chin with his sister Fausta, nevertheless he was more affectionate and patient than an husband. He made his nephews discover the love for the gardening and the home care.
During dinners upon us there was always the presence of the mysterious bird called “Beccofino”: if we wasted some food, Beccofino would come to steel something from our dishes. “Attento sta arrivando Beccofino” (Be carefull, Beccofino is coming) was the saying that made everyone smile, no matter the age. Your smile and your unique profile will be always with us, dear uncle!”